Oatmeal topped with coconut, cacao nibs, sugar free choc chips, peanut butter, and caramel dulce de leche.

I'm back six weeks from now. At least I have GISHWHES next week.

from Anonymous

That’s so long from now! Oh what is GISHWHES? 

hey, little lonely summer-anon :) I feel the same..but I try to do nice things for myself and with myself, like going to the park and read a book or go inline-skating :) please don't be sad, try to enjoy the time and the sun :)

from Anonymous

You’re absolutely right! The summer is a good time to invest in hobbies :)

I don't have friends to hang out with pr things to do. I'm kust at home doing nothing all the time.

from Anonymous

I complete understand that. I really dislike being on holiday because of the same reason. At uni at least I’m busy with my job and school work. So when do you go back to school?

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